Green Skills Training Academy

By Maydencroft

Green skills training to further and enrich the careers of those working in environmental conservation.

Day courses for people in the green sector, people looking to get into the green sector or people looking to develop their understanding of the environment. Courses delivered by our in-house industry leaders who are active in their field.

We pledge by 2030 to...

Deliver 30 environmental courses, only working with industry leaders who are active within the sector and well versed in the issues of today and those of tomorrow. Teach practical green skills, increasing employability and affecting positive impact on the environment.​

Give back 10,000 green skills to the rural economy, bridging the gap in current expertise shortages. ​

Create 100 new jobs and give many more people the opportunity to establish careers in the green sector.​

... as well as offer at least 10 green sector work placements every year.

Green Shoots Initiative

Candidates displaying commitment to environmental conservation and enthusiasm for a career in the green sector may be offered the opportunity to join us and begin and develop their career at Maydencroft.

Through our Green Shoots Initiative, training fees incurred will be reimbursed on the completion of the apprenticeship, internship or probationary period of a permanent role.

What we stand for

  • We take care to look after our environment, where people and nature can thrive.
  • Offering training in the skills and expertise needed to protect and restore our natural environment.
  • Creating jobs and improving employability in the green sector.
  • Elevating the expertise and careers of those already working in the industry.
  • Partnering with industry leaders of niche skills and subjects.
  • Protecting our environment for future generations.

Our Trainers

All our trainers industry professionals so you know that what you're learning is always up to date.

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